Writing a BA thesis and studying

Writing a BA thesis is for many students a great gehenna, which they are not always able to meet.

Bachelor’s thesis is for everybody the first big test of knowledge and acquired skills, and for some the last stage of education. Not every student wants to be a master, let alone a doctor, that’s why a large number of students will need a bachelor’s degree.

Writing a BA thesis is not an easy task and as it turns out, it is not solely the responsibility of the interested, because the writing of bachelor’s theses today is dealt with by different “writers”, as they define themselves, or “editors”, which is supposed to sound more professional.

Of course, not every student has and must have the skill of easily transferring thoughts to paper, in this case someone else’s thoughts dressed in their own words. However, there are those who have this gift and easily deal with more than one job.

Some of them made a way to earn money, and sometimes even for life. Fulfilling bachelor’s thesis is nowadays a very common phenomenon, many students have already benefited from this, and not only in bachelor’s theses, but also in master’s theses, and even doctoral ones.

Many students, after writing a BA thesis, decide to write their master’s thesis at the Polytechnic.

Writing a BA thesis, and career perspectives.

Writing a BA thesis often causes students large problems. If the bachelor’s thesis focuses on solving problems that are reflected in practical business practice, then it is valuable. The more Bachelor’s thesis is more connected with the practice, the greater the chance that it will help us in our career. Nowadays, employers do not look as much at formal education as they used to. What counts now is practical experience. In general, we must remember to develop and improve our skills all the time. The professions that work today may cease to exist tomorrow. For example, today journalists have less and less work because people are buying less and less newspapers. Due to the development of artificial intelligence, professions such as a lawyer or a driver may disappear. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly adjust their competences to the changing labor market.